57 Rewcastle Road RD2 Owaka 

Above: Trailer under fabrication at our workshop


At JGR we have a passion for engineering and the ability to build things out of steel. We have learnt many skills over the years and invested in equipment to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. The majority of our work is made from mild and hardened steel, plasma cutters, Mig and Arc welders, sheetmetal rollers and bar benders are a few examples of the tools we use to achieve these results. We also have different mechanical tools for machinery repairs or overhauls. For bigger jobs, transportation can be arranged to and from our workshop. 



  • Machine repairs 
  • Bucket rebuilds
  • Custom trailers 
  • Custom signs 
  • Trailer repairs 
  • Forestry gates 
  • Specialty gates
  • Stock crates
  • Fuel tank repairs
  • Fuel stands
  • Mobile engineering repairs   

  If you have any questions related to engineering work or want a no obligation free quote, please contact Jarrod at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Below: Our sign cut free hand using our plasma cutter 


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